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VTC 2020



Academia and ATAMA extend an invite to our first ever Virtual Technology Conference (VTC).




10 live webinars from Tuesday 5th May to Friday 22nd May


Who should attend?


– Anyone working in IT

– Senior leadership team members

– Anyone managing Apple devices

– Senior IT Staff

– Anyone working with and managing Microsoft Technology

Fully remote working – how do we do it?

Date: Tuesday 5th May | Time: 10:00am 


James Dancer (Technical Director – Academia Group) and Tom Able-Green (UK & I Education Solutions Manager) discuss how our business went from working in the office one day, to a seamless transition to a fully work-from-home environment across the business. Both the technical and user-focussed aspects of what we’ve done and how we’ve done it will be covered. This is one of our most asked questions by customers, and the best bit is that it’s entirely possible for you to do exactly the same – learn how in this webinar!

Modern working with Ring Central

Date: Wednesday 13th May | Time: 10:00am


Communicate, collaborate, and connect better—anytime, anywhere…. Welcome to the next frontier of communications for today’s modern workforce.

Finance options to help fund your tech project

Date: Wednesday 13th May | Time: 16:00


Funding in the education system is still a hot topic of conversation. TAG and Liam Doyle from Apple Financial Services will discuss the great options available to customers to fund technology projects, from class sets to 1:1 schemes. We will dispel the myths around financing and also talk about how changing the mindset around financing can open a route to successful sustainability.

Outsourced warehousing & Logistics.

Date: Thursday 14th May | Time: 10:00am


During these unusual times businesses, schools, colleges and universities are not functioning as ‘normal’ with major disruption to most areas. Many buildings are now closed to deliveries and the staff that would traditionally receipt and configure goods and services to meet the specific needs of an institution are now working from home.

Having recently moved into a new secure facility with increased warehousing and engineering capacity we have looked at ways we can support the operational and logistics requirements for businesses, schools, colleges or universities, providing a degree of normality to a specific area of your establishment.

Accessing your Apple Estate remotely

Date: Thursday 14th May | Time: 15:00


James Dancer (Technical Director – Academia Group) and Martin Dorschler (Apple Solutions Manager – Academia Group) explain how to fully access your Mac estate remotely. Covering both allowing users to use on-premise Macs from home and granting admins the ability to securely SSH/Apple Remote Desktop into a Mac from anywhere, if you have a Mac estate in your organisation – and especially if you use Macs for creative purposes – this is a webinar not to be missed!

Accessing on-premise files remotely

Date: Friday 15th May | Time: 10:00am


Since Lockdown, you may have realised how reliant you were on accessing your data on your local network. Whether you’re a charity, business, school or university, odds are you’ll have a file server on premise or a collection of cloud storage providers dotted around. Join our webinar to discover a means of bringing these locations together into a single place for internal and external access regardless of where they are and with no need for other remote access technologies. See how you can modernize your way of working in a way that makes your users and admin’s lives significantly easier!

Introduction to Jamf Protect

Date: Monday 18th May | Time: 10:00am


Join this webinar to find out about Jamf Protect, which is built for Mac to protect Mac.

Introduction to Windows MDM (Microsoft Intune)

Date: Tuesday 19th May | Time: 11:00am


If you’ve worked with Group Policy and Active Directory before, you’ll appreciate the sheer power they can provide you as admins. However, the benefits of these platforms are typically limited to within the four walls of your office. Join us as we walk you through your device and user management, regardless of their location using Microsoft Intune.

The importance of Digital Signatures

Date: Wednesday 20th May | Time: 10:00


There are some obvious benefits to digitally signing documents as opposed to physically signing them and it seems surreal that in 2020 physical signatures are still the more common method. We had been seeing a slow migration toward digitising this process, however one of the many implications of staff working from home is the lack of access to printers and scanners which would have been integral to them signing contracts and documents historically. This is forcing organisations to look at digital signatures to ensure staff still have the ability to get work done. In this webinar, we look at some of the features and benefits of using Adobe Sign and how you can integrate digital signatures into your workflow.

Zero Touch using Microsoft Autopilot

Date: Thursday 21st May | Time: 11:00am


Fed up of unboxing all those laptops to plug them into your network and pull down all of your policies and applications? Purchased new devices but can’t get into the office to set them up in the usual way? We’ve all been there or are currently encountering these issues. Join us as we open your eyes to the wonder of AutoPilot and how, when working with Azure and Intune, you can dispatch your devices anywhere in the world and have them under management with very little effort for your admins or your users.

Help! IT Consultancy Roundtable/Q&A

Date: Friday 22nd May | Time: 14:00


Join James Dancer (Technical Director – Academia Group), Dave Prince (Lead Microsoft and Infrastructure Consultant – Academia Group) and Gary Collins (Lead Mobile Device Management Consultant – Academia Group) for a roundtable discussion on anything IT. Make sure you come armed with your problems questions to fire at the team, covering anything from general strategy to Infrastructure, Cloud, Deployment and MDM. This is essentially a completely free quick-fire consultancy session, so feel free to throw as much at us as you can!