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Welcome to Tech Bits


Is the home of our audio and visual club for all things Technology News, Reviews, Podcasts, Webinars, Interviews and exclusive competitions. Our central hub for all our filmed and recorded messages that take place in our live HQ studio or on location around the UK, Tech Bits will be broadcasting regularly to bring our listeners and viewers the latest insights and advice in Technology solutions.

Episode 1 – How Apple devices work in the modern workplace


Welcome to Tech Bits, a new Podcast from ATAMA. In this episode we will cover:


  • How Apple devices work in the modern workplace
  • Why people want Apple technology
  • How to get Apple technology
  • How to manage Apple technology in the workplace
  • The finance options that are available
  • The IT lifecycle management options

You can listen to the Podcast via:

Learn more on how ATAMA can help your business with Apple technology