Why Atama?

Let us ponder the question – For what cause, reason or purpose does Atama exist?

Born from the foundations of the Academia Group, Atama was built to serve UK Businesses, Charities and Start Ups with the implementation of modern Technology solutions.

We are part of a Technology Group that is a:

• Top tier partner for Apple
• A Microsoft Gold Partner
• A Tier 2 Internet service provider
• A UK-based private cloud hosting provider
• A technology support specialist
• And a best price procurement specialist for some of the biggest technology vendors in the world

But our objectives for your business go way beyond these services as our celebrated technical support team are on hand to dive deeper into the needs of your company.


Our Director of Technology, James Dancer, talks you through the process of thinking backwards to move forward.


Let us talk to you about your organisational objectives for the next 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and beyond… And work backwards from that to figure out what the best mix of technology is and then plan, install, implement and support it with you to ensure those objectives are met.

The technology itself is actually the last bit to talk about, because it’s all completely pointless unless it has a significant impact on you achieving your goals.Our fully qualified and compliant technical team are on hand to offer a free health check for your business today – come find out how working backwards can drive your forwards.

We are ATAMA. Come and work backwards with us.

Speak to our team today to see how we can make a difference for your business or call us on 0203 9292 300 or email info@atama.tech

Brad Chuck

Brad Chuck is the Head of Marketing, PR and Press at the Academia Group of companies, incorporating our brands with ATAMA, Academia for Education, Charterhouse Muller, ReviveIT and our eCommerce stores. Blogs, Reviews, Content Pieces and Press Releases are written with the express agreement of the vendor or client involved. Brad is a member of the NUJ and has been an active content producer for brands and services across multiple markets in a 20 year career.Email Brad on info@atama.co.uk or tweet brad at @BradChuck