The Benefits of Zero Touch Application Deployment for your Business

Flexible working is a modern-day reality. It’s essential for businesses to build a strategy for the deployment and management of their devices to keep employees productive. Productivity is the route of all success for a company to grow in the digital-first age.

With new technology comes new challenges and skill sets to learn. For businesses who do not have the resource or internal know-how, ATAMA has a solution – our Zero Touch Application Deployment.

What Zero-Touch Deployment Really Means

Zero touch deployment means that you do not have to configure a managed device by plugging it in, connecting a computer to it, and using its command line to configure it.  Our solution allows businesses to compliantly manage their Mac or iPad devices over the cloud with no cost for hardware, software or on-going support and management – all done by ATAMA for a fixed annual fee.

What are the Benefits?

Our Zero Touch Application Deployment programme offers you all the benefits of Mobile Device Management for technology without any of the associated hassles; let your staff do what they do best and leave the ICT deployment to us. The true benefits include:

Fewer employee hours for installation and configuration

Most people want to know the single best way to schedule their day for maximum productivity – by embracing the ATAMA method of zero touch deployment for management of multiple devices, your staff will have more time to be more productive in other, more vital areas of your business growth.

Support completely taken care of

Only when we first help ourselves can we effectively help others – by working with the experienced ATAMA team you are supported in every step of your digital transformational journey for going entirely ‘hands-free’ in your business.

Reduced operational costs

A visible area where you can reduce operational costs is by merely running more efficiently. As well as identifying business processes that can be automated and managed by internal staff, businesses looking to reduce operational costs by working with the ATAMA team can help financial savings in the long-term.

Redistribution of IT resources

Technology is the key to managing resource scarcity in business – by controlling your hardware and software applications externally, your team of gifted IT professionals can concentrate on the tasks that matter.

Better quality assurance

Quality assurance (QA) is any systematic process of determining whether a product or service meets specified requirements. A quality assurance system with ATAMA helps increase customer confidence and a company’s credibility, while also improving work processes and efficiency.

Improved device tracking and reporting

Cross-device tracking offers new access to valuable information across the business, meaning prompt reporting on significant projects and performance related efforts to enhance the company message across departments.

Pre-optimized devices further speed up deployment

The process of modifying a software system to make it work more efficiently – pre-optimizing devices to save time and money is an essential part of a business plan.

Reduces in-house knowledge requirements

Everyone can benefit from a fresh perspective, but to help staff focus on the tasks that matter, helps drive the need to employ more aptly suitable staff. The ATAMA experts are here to help reduce the long-term knowledge need.

What is included?

Hosting of MDM Server and SQL in our Data Centres / Cloud gives your business:

  • On-going Support and Equipment Maintenance

  • Jamf Pro Licensing

  • On-going Management of your Devices

  • Initial Setup Up, Integration with AD (if required), Apple Deployment Program setup and link

  • On-going Profile changes, Configuration changes and App Deployment

Why use Jamf Pro

No platform offers better security or delivers a more productive user experience than Apple. And no tool manages Apple devices better than Jamf Pro.

Deployment – Deploy Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. You can integrate with Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP) to deploy without ever touching the device.

Inventory – Collect Dynamic Inventory – Monitor hardware and software distribution by user or device, for more productive planning and budgeting.

Security – Reduce risks and protect resources – Leverage the world-class native security tools that Apple builds into every device.

Build an Enterprise IT Ecosystem – Maximise existing third-party tools, distribute through the cloud, and tie into your existing user directory.

Help users do more – Our proprietary Self-Service app gives users one-stop, on-demand access to organizationally approved apps, software, and content — and lets them apply system configs and run routine maintenance tasks all without pestering IT.

Save the day when life happens – Ensure your peace of mind with remote lock and wipe, automated patches, and by reporting on backup status.

Let’s talk

How can we help you create a better business with Zero Touch Deployment from Jamf?

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