Support for Windows 7 is ending – are you prepared?

All good things must come to an end – the statement of inevitability is widely used to foresee situations that although have been so good, must cease to be so thanks to modern updates and technology innovations.   

So yes, all good things must come to an end, even Windows 7. After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. 

Windows 7 was one of Microsoft’s best-loved computing operating systems, and most of us are still using it.  According to research, as of September 2018, 40.88% are still using Windows 7 – compared to the 37.44% who have moved on to the latest operating system, Windows 10. 

But like all operating systems before it, Windows 7 will eventually reach the end of its lifecycle, making an upgrade an essential task for the safety of your PC. 

What is the cost of doing nothing? 

Have you planned ahead? Are you prepared for your future migration to Windows 10? If not, then know that doing nothing comes at a cost… 

Old devices cost you more – PCs older than four years can cost small businesses over £1300 in maintenance, repairs, and lost productivity as compared to a new Windows device. 

Old devices add risk – Windows Devices that are over four years old may be not equipped with the latest hardware and software features to help protect your business. 

Old devices may not stay up to date – It’s essential that businesses migrate to Windows 10 so they can receive regular security updates. 

Modernise, Protect and Invest in your Business with ATAMA and Microsoft 

The Microsoft Solution with ATAMA is simple – Modernise your business with Windows 10 Pro today. With all the features of Windows 10 Home plus enterprise-grade security, powerful management tools like single sign-on, and enhanced productivity with remote desktop and Cortana make this the best and easiest solution to prepare for. 

A modern Windows 10 Pro device gives you end-to-end protection, at no extra costs. Help secure your business against modern security threats with built-in, always up to date safeguards for your information and devices. 

With Windows 10, you can get more done, faster. New devices enable faster start-up, better multitasking and have a longer lasting battery than older devices. Plus, modern devices have superior portability, so you can work and stay productive from anywhere. 

Transition smoothly to Windows 10 with the ability to easily integrate your existing computers, monitors and printers. Reuse your existing Line of Business (LOB) apps and get full support for virtualisations. You can also see how your current apps will work on Windows 10 with easy to use migration tools. 

What to do now?  

Need advice on Windows 10 Pro devices and upgrade options?  Talk to the experts at ATAMA today to look at the best options for you and your business.  Call 0203 9292 300, email or fill in the below form 

Brad Chuck

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