Meet the Team – Allan Bayman

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work, ATAMA work.

ATAMA have built a team of the best in technology experts who are specialised consultants in all aspects of hardware, software, support and recycling needs in the B2B industry. To understand and get a real flavour into the mind-set and capabilities of our team members, our Marketing and press manager Brad Chuck sat down with each to get the lowdown on what brought them to ATAMA and how they see the Technology landscape changing.

Allan Bayman was first to face the question time chair.

BC: Hi Allan, where were you before ATAMA?

AB: I spent nearly all my career working in the IT sector. Since the early 90s I was involved in the very well-known Apple Reseller, MacWarehouse. I spent most of my time there in senior account management and team management roles, working with creative customers in advertising, publishing and newspapers until new ownership changed the direction of the company losing sight of the customers and technology. More recently I’ve been working with a number of global enterprise accounts in the pharmaceutical and consumer goods areas helping them with mobility and creative solution plus the challenges of day to day procurement helping them drive down cost by moving to a more strategic procurement model rather than a more complex and costly transactional procurement model.

BC: So what brings you to ATAMA then?

AB: The vision of the management team at the Academia technology group to me was very exciting. Here we have a group with a very strong technical offering and one that owns a fully certified IT recycling plant and has a huge amount of in house expertise, honed over many year in the education market, able to offer a range of services delivered in such a way that many larger, more well-known providers would not be able to rival. With a very strong proven track record in the demanding education market bringing our capabilities to commercial markets under the Atama name is an exciting time.

BC: So what role will you be undertaking in?

AB:I’m an Enterprise SME account manager. My aim is to gain a deep understanding of customers’ requirements and then show them how we can help them. Sharing with them our technical capabilities and the benefits that these offer to their businesses in terms of costs and efficiency savings. As an example we can help clients deploy iPads for mobility projects, providing a hosted Jamf environment for the management of these with knowledge transfer and at the end of the products life cycle our Revive IT recycling service can securely and wipe the devices and provide full certification with the likelihood of some good residual value to fund your next purchase.

BC: Why is ATAMA different from other IT companies then?

AB: Many companies have long lists of services they offer. Many rely heavily on partners effectively outsourcing the service and not always keeping tight control of calls passed over to these third parties. Atama keeps the majority of its projects in house delivering them with our own staff using our own systems meaning we have far more control over the process and the costs. We also use many of the systems we run for clients such as Office 365 and run these from our own cloud hosted environments, based in the UK where we have full control of them. We are also an ISP ourselves and work very closely with some key partners like Sassafras and Jamf. Our Jamf hosted offering is hosted in the UK only on our own infrastructure and is considered the gold standard in the industry.

BC: What does ATAMA offer that should make it the number one choice for a Business to use our services – the market seems to be sick and tired of the same ‘We can help message’
AB: Simple, our approach! We are experts in key technology areas not generalists who will muddle through. Our focus areas of Apple, Office 365, ISP, hosting, device as a service are built on a strong technical capabilities. We are looking to establish ourselves in the market as a trusted partner and develop long term relationships built on trust, great account management and technical prowess.

BC: What solutions does ATAMA offer for IT then – anything different we should be aware of?
AB: We can help your business transform by utilization of technology. Have a chat with us about your IT headaches and where your business may want to make some changes. Offerings such as our device as a service can help organisations access the latest technology without the high capital expenditure costs that can challenge the cash flow of a business. We offer a range of bespoke service and supports options so our solution is full service.

BC: Is ATAMA a consultant or a specialist company? I am rather confused….
AB: Neither but both! Whilst we have areas of expertise such as our Apple knowledge and technologies that support this platform such as Jamf it is also how we deliver these which is different from the masses.

Our approach is one of genuinely trying to understand the customers’ needs and not to ram a square peg into a round hole.

BC: What is the future of Tech like in your eyes? How will businesses need to adapt?
AB: Interesting question! I can certainly see the need for more agile systems to allow businesses to adapt to changing market forces being key. Many business are not using cloud services especially for periods of high demand but the adoption of Office 365 has shown people that the cloud is a viable proposition for businesses large and small. Many business are now looking to move more than just email to the cloud for business continuity and budgeting reasons.

Home working is becoming more common and many business are now focusing on recruiting and retaining the brightest talent in a very competitive labour market. Many are trying to do things to strengthen their appeal outside of remuneration. Schemes such as BYOD/CYOD (Bring Your Own Device/Choice Your Own Device), allowing people to use any device is seeing more people choose Apple and business are adapting to ensure an array of devices can be used securely.

BC: Come on, what are you really selling?
AB: A better way to do business with industry leading technical experts using market leading technologies.

BC: so what is the Best way to contact you?
AB: Phone, email, LinkedIn, whatever works best for you. Always happy to talk but also happy to meet face to face and often that is often the best way to get a quick understanding of customers situations, by seeing it first-hand.

You can contact Allan on 0203 9292 326 or

Brad Chuck

Brad Chuck is the Head of Marketing, PR and Press at the Academia Group of companies, incorporating our brands with ATAMA, Academia for Education, Charterhouse Muller, ReviveIT and our eCommerce stores. Blogs, Reviews, Content Pieces and Press Releases are written with the express agreement of the vendor or client involved. Brad is a member of the NUJ and has been an active content producer for brands and services across multiple markets in a 20 year career.Email Brad on or tweet brad at @BradChuck