How fast is your Business Broadband?

How fast is your Business Broadband?

The need for speed. The performance of a business in the 21st century is built on the very idea of a digital-first strategy. Modern society demands that for a business to be seen as forward-thinking and proactive in the customer performance stakes, it must put technology innovation at the forefront of its long-term goals.

Fast internet access is good – super-fast is better.

If you want to run a business in 2019, broadband is important. If you’re going to run a successful business, reliable, fast broadband access is essential.

Atama is committed to providing high performance, reliable and fully supported broadband connections to businesses. The reliability of your connection and security of your network are top priorities for any company which is why we offer monitoring and reporting, so you know how everything is working and added security to keep you safe.

Why get business broadband over residential?

Many people assume that they can use the same internet they get at home for their business. In the case of some sole traders or freelancers, they may be able to get away with that, but most companies should opt for a dedicated business package.

The ATAMA ISP services come with a range of advantages over your garden variety home broadband, including:

• Dedicated or personalised customer service
• Service level agreements that guarantee uptime
• Faster connections with prioritised traffic for your business
• Better internet security
• Business-focused hardware

How Fast is your current Business Broadband set up?

If you already have a business connection, there are several ways to check power and performance:

Download speed
How fast do you need your broadband to be? If you have multiple employees, or internet access is essential for the way you do business, you should invest in the fast ATAMA ISP package – up to 10GB/S. These connections are typically more reliable and should support lots of users simultaneously without slowing to a crawl.

Upload speed
It’s not just download speed you need to consider – upload speed is always critical. This governs how quickly you can send something from your devices over the internet – so if you regularly make video calls, connect to remote connections or VPNs or, say, manually process customer orders online, you’ll need it to be healthy and stable.

It only takes one particularly malicious virus to cause severe problems to your business, so make sure you have internet security set up. The ATAMA Support team offers Optional Web Filtering to increase e-safety

Does your broadband connection come with unlimited support? If you do encounter any connection issues are you able to have these resolved in a matter of minutes? Making sure your business broadband package comes with unlimited support is essential and the critical component in the ATAMA package

How reliable is your current service? How significant is reducing business downtime to your long-term needs? If you are finding that too much time is spent when a system fails to provide or perform its primary function, then you need a more rigid and reliable service.

Extra services
Perhaps your business is missing something special? If you have remote workers, for example, you may need a static IP to set up a virtual private network. The ATAMA packages are robust and scalable. We can support single or multiple buildings which means your entire estate (across several office locations), can appear together on one network, making it much easier to share resources.

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