GDPR is here! Are you fully compliant?

So the deadline came and went – we are now in a post GDPR world where The General Data Protection Regulation is a new EU law that changes how personal data can be collected and used. So what has changed?

Ultimately, the consumer is the winner – with new data security messages and privacy policies updated, those who are targeted by promotional material to drive sales now, in essence, should have better control of the way their data is stored and shared. The real challenge now is to make sure the consumer themselves takes the time to read the new policies and update their own settings…


How does GDPR affect Business?

For a Business, the GDPR message is simple – make sure you are letting your customers and clients know how you are storing and using their personal data. This will relate to CRM systems, email marketing and lead generation tools that is used to store information about potential customers. What you need to do is make sure you and your audience are fully aware of what your GDPR policy really is – making sure it is in full view and that all your potential customers and audience are aware of its existence.

It is also advised that you make sure your companies marketing efforts are fully compliant as well – sending out unregulated and non-opted in emails for example, could see you get into big trouble. The key message is to help your audience understand the benefits of receiving marketing messages that are predominantly aimed at helping them decide on what product or services to buy into. It also gives a company an ideal chance to clean up their data – sending messages to someone who left the company 5 years ago is another error that GDPR is trying to clean.


How can ATAMA help?

We have to be like you – GDPR ready and fully compliant with our Data – the joy of ATAMA however, is we are indeed starting from zero as a new business, so you can pick and choose what you receive from us from the start. In terms of how we help with GDPR, we have a simple tool that can be used to check if you are fully compliant. To access this tool, simply fill in your details below and we shall run the report on your business for you. Simple.

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