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Digital Signatures – is this a short-term fix?

No. This should be seen as a positive change toward digitising manual processes. There are many benefits to migrating to Digital signatures for all organisations. As Microsoft’s preferred e-sign solution, Adobe Sign works seamlessly with Office 365.

Forrester research suggest an organisation can save 90 minutes per transaction by simply migrating to a digital solution. The ability to collate large amounts of documents, often in complex workflows requiring multiple signatures can be very time consuming and can be prone to errors, by automating you save a significant amount of time, and able to manage everything from a single pane of glass.

There are some obvious benefits to digitally signing documents as opposed to physically signing them and it seems surreal that in 2020 physical signatures are still the more common method. We had been seeing a slow migration toward digitising this process, however one of many implications of staff working from home is the lack of access to printers and scanners which would have been integral to them signing contracts and documents historically. This is forcing organisations to look at digital signatures to ensure staff still have the ability to get work done.

So, what are the benefits of using digital signatures…

Save time – by automating manual processes for signing

Improve security – Adobe Sign is fully auditable and more secure than physical signatures

Increase productivity –by saving time and track and manage in real time

Improve sustainability – by reducing paper and reliance on hardware

Increase revenues – by shortening the sales cycle and improving internal efficiency

Integration – with O365 and the ability to integrate with other key applications with the enterprise edition, will further enhance the solution

Improve flexibility – sign anywhere –even on mobile and no need for additional hardware

Save money – reduce paper consumption and the need for printers/scanners, and saving time will allow for more efficiency

To discuss digital signatures, and in particular Adobe Sign, get in touch with our team today.

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Jeremy Silver