ATAMA business management with Apple

The unlimited technology offering from Apple can be spellbinding at the best of times – such is the depth of device options and software management a business can be simply overawed with the plethora of choices in front of them. Simplifying the business offer from Apple with ATAMA is the logical solution.

We combine the Apple technology your staff love with seamless solutions and lifecycle services that empower creativity and change the way they work for the better.

Ready to deliver projects on any scale, we help you realise the full potential of the Apple platform in your business. We start with your needs, and the outcomes sought, establish the vision and create the plan. We offer an end-to-end customer experience: everything you need under one roof, no break in the supply chain, one expert partner to turn to.

Why Apple Business Management with ATAMA?

Apple software is powerful and intuitive. The products are secure, reliable, compatible with any office environment, and easy to deploy. With ATAMA you get the full business management support from start to finish:

Vision and Plan
Having a strong vision and strategic plan in place with a bespoke project and development timeline is key to supporting unlimited success. The ATAMA team will help you map out and consider vital elements along the journey.

Device as a Service
Device as a service from Atama makes it simple, quick and easy for our customers to acquire Apple hardware, software and services through an easy to understand finance plan, rather than a traditional capital purchase. Our programme enables companies to optimise their IT budget while getting access to the latest Apple technology on a regular basis.

Device Management
Flexible working is a modern-day reality. It’s essential for businesses to build a strategy for the deployment and management of their devices to keep employees productive. With new technology comes new challenges and skill sets to learn. For businesses who do not have the resource or internal know-how, Atama has a solution – our Zero Touch Application Deployment for Apple.

The deployment of new client devices should be an exciting time for any organisation; however, the reality is often very different with a range of requirements to cater for. These include: arranging delivery, storage, software builds, packaging disposal, installation to a desk, managing downtime, organising the disposal of the legacy equipment to list just a few

Managed Services
The ATAMA managed service is provided on a subscription basis that can scale according to your needs. If you are deploying a new service to your IT environment, then you should consider a managed service from ATAMA. Your existing staff may not be experienced with the latest technology or able to maintain new services or applications.

Tech Support
ATAMA are an Apple Authorised Service Provider who enjoy making sure you get the most out of your Apple investment. We know, all organisations need reliable tech support that gives timely responses to a client’s needs.

End of Life
Having a strong vision and strategic plan in place with a bespoke project and deployment timeline is key to supporting success. The ATAMA team will help you map out and consider these key elements: Re-use of IT assets using a secure and sustainable process When IT assets reach the end of their working life for your organisation, it doesn’t have to mean disposal.

Get in touch with ATAMA to find out more about how to implement Apple for your business. We can help you define a vision and plan to get the best out of your workforce by empowering them with IT that will make a difference.

Just fill in the form below for an instant connection with one of our Apple experts or email the support team on or call on 0203 9292 300.

Brad Chuck

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