5 Reasons why your business needs to move to Cloud

“I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster…. Carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison” Steve Jobs.

Cloud computing is the great hope for cleaner and sustainable centralisation of computer services under one server, yet it is still proving to be a mystery for many modern businesses in the UK. The tech wizards at ATAMA are on hand to help simplify and quantify the process to make your company realise that nothing is better than a cloud that comes floating into your life to add colour and imagination to your working day…

Here are our 5 essential reasons why you need to move to Cloud today:

OpEx vs. CapEx

No single giant bill each time you want to upgrade, or a new software version comes out.
Extremely easy to budget as most costs are per employee, not per server/per system.
Know exactly how much your infrastructure will cost in 1, 3, 5 years and beyond – just multiply by number of expected employees!
No assets to depreciate.
No hardware buy additional warranties for.


New employee? Just add a licence.
Someone leaves? Just remove a licence.
Different people do different jobs? Only licence them against the applications or systems they need – as you don’t have to buy servers, each user only consume the resources they need.

Responsibility (or lack thereof!)

Hate dealing with broken hardware or downtime? It’s someone else’s problem under SLA… most cloud platforms are fully redundant, on multiple servers and backed up multiple times as part of the package, so you can rest assured that your data is safe, secure and stable.

No servers!

Reclaim the “machine room”! Following a full Cloud move, you’ll only need to retain network hardware on site, which can be fit into a much smaller (and cooler!) space. No more racks upon racks of servers, backup power supplies, storage arrays and supplementary hardware.
Caveat: at the moment, not everything can just be moved onto Office365 – however, we can bridge the gap by providing Private Cloud resources that perfectly compliment Microsoft’s cloud offering. Useful for in-house or specific applications (such as CRM, ERP, Databases) that require an actual server…

Job Security

Lots of people in IT think that if there’s no blinking lights somewhere to keep blinking, that their job isn’t as valid. Wrong! If you can manage a platform that doesn’t create a bunch of heat and noise in your office, as well as consume lots of power and – most importantly – doesn’t go down and doesn’t need maintenance, you have more time to focus on creating more productivity, efficiency and streamlining in your organisation. Be the office hero!

To learn more about how ATAMA can offer a Cloud solution that is tailor made for your business, speak to one of our dedicated tech consultants today by emailing us on info@atama.tech or calling the team on 0203 9292 300. Alternatively, you can simply fill in the below form and let us know your cloud questions directly for our team to answer for you

James Dancer

James is our Technical Director, nerd-in-chief and at the forefront of all of our customer solutions. He's constantly keeping up to date with (and has a not-so-small obsession with) the latest technologies, both in his home life and in the world of business.