5 reasons to use Apple Business Manager from ATAMA

What is Apple Business Manager?

Apple Business Manager is a simple, web-based portal for IT administrators to automate device deployment, purchase and distribute content, and manage roles in an organisation. Working seamlessly with Jamf, Apple Business Manager makes it easy to enrol devices, deploy content and delegate administrative privileges.

The consolidation of the device enrolment and volume purchase programmes into Apple Business Manager have made it easier for customers.  As an authorised reseller of Apple products, the ATAMA team can be best placed to outline the 5 main reasons why Apple Business manager is right for your company:

1 – Better Devices Enrolment.

Device enrolment provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy corporate-owned Apple devices. Helping to automatically enrol devices in MDM to get users up and running quickly.  It also simplifies the setup process for users by removing specific steps in Setup Assistant and can efficiently manage default MDM servers by setting a default server that’s based on device type.

2 – Shared Content Distribution.

The Apps and Books section enable organisations to buy content in volume easily while the Purchase and distribute apps and books in bulk and manage licences for users via MDM. You can Distribute apps and books directly to managed devices or authorised users, and easily keep track of assigned content, while Controlling the entire distribution process, while retaining full ownership of apps. You can also Distribute apps to devices or users in any country where the app is available for multinational distribution.

3 – Advanced Roles.

Organisations can create Managed Apple IDs for IT staff to manage device enrolment and content purchasing within Apple Business Manager. This helps Define roles for delegating administrative privileges and responsibilities to manage devices, users and content across locations, as well as Adding additional accounts and easily transfer responsibility if someone leaves the organisation. This can help the process of Easily deactivating and deleting user accounts.

4 – Manage Apple IDs.

With Apple Business Manager, the enterprise can now manage Apple IDs for employees that need administrative access to Apple Business Manager. The accounts are for ATAMA portal use only, and can’t be used for services like iCloud, the App Store, iTunes, or Apple Music.

5 – Default DEP.

One important new feature is the ability to select a default DEP enrolment server based on the type of Apple device. Choices include Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac. This feature will be especially welcome to admins using different UEM platforms to manage macOS and iOS devices for example.

To learn more and to talk with an expert today, visit the Apple Business Manager page here: https://atama.tech/apple-business-manager/  

To speak directly with an Apple Business Manager Expert from ATAMA, call the team on 0203 9292 300 or email info@atama.tech  

Brad Chuck

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