3 Reasons why people attend events

In today’s world, we are often so busy that we tend to ignore any event promotions that pop up in our inbox or on our social media channels. But should we? Events offer so many benefits – both tangible and intangible – that we really should be making time for them.

It is clear there are 3 very obvious reasons why people attend events. Not counting the gifts and goodie bags that one might receive, we have outlined the main 3 reasons as:

Education, which spans programming, content, speakers and exhibits, is a key event consideration. Most event visitors would say that keeping up with their profession and industry was a top reason to attend.

Networking opportunities
Most delegates have noted that networking and making connections was important to them. That’s especially true for millennial attendees who are just beginning to build their contacts.

The location of the event matters to potential attendees. It is obvious that ease of access and location travelling distance is a big factor for when delegates are influenced by location.

At ATAMA we have the one simple reason as to why any of our customers or clients should attend our free events – We test before you invest, so you should try before you buy.

Investing in the best technology for your business is imperative in helping your company grow. By seeing first hand and getting a full hands-on experience of modern day technology hardware and software will give you the unique understanding of why your business needs to upgrade and update.

The latest ATAMA event is happening on the 26th October at The Hospital Club in central London. Supported by HP, Adobe and Nvidia, this event is showcasing the creative design support via technology roadmap for 2019 and beyond.


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Brad Chuck

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