14 things any Business needs to succeed

What does a Business need to be successful in a modern-day environment? What are the essential business needs that each start-up and new company must abide too? 

Needs are the basic drivers of change in an organisation that are identified as requirements and implemented by hiring people, implementing projects, transforming operations and purchasing goods and services.  The team from ATAMA have broken these needs down in a simple tick and check format so you can see where your Business stands: 


People with the ability to achieve the objectives of a firm. For example, a technology director who can develop services that sell well, or a Customer Support Team like the one at ATAMA who can help solve the needs of every customer  


Foundational services, such as networks and computing.  Every Business needs a technology infrastructure support system in place. Talk to ATAMA today about the support our technicians can offer your Business.


Facilities such as offices, factories, warehouses, data centres, retail locations and product showrooms are all part of the build process.  The team at ATAMA have a wealth of experience in all these sectors, so why not discuss your facilities question with us today? 


Business processes, such as order fulfilment.  A competent and fully enabled CRM service is key to understanding and fulfilling customer orders or requests – as well as helping deliver on goals and processes.  Talk to ATAMA about our integration systems and how we can offer advice and support. 

Standards & Practices 

A consistent way of doing things as defined by principles, policies, procedures and standards.  Always led by the leaders of Business, ATAMA leads by the laws of its parent company The Academia Group – Teamwork, Integrity, Innovation and Ambition.


Know-how and other types of knowledge, such as situational awareness.  As ATAMA has recruited the best in technology consultant experts, they are on hand to offer the best in knowledgeable information to your new business venture.  


Information that is designed to be used by machine. For example, a billing database that is used to generate customer invoices each month.  Every Business will need access to Data at some point – how you store it is essential and important – so talk to ATAMA about their Data Cloud Storage solutions with Base Media 


Physical tools that people use to perform work such as a mobile device or hammer.  In the world of technology accessories, there can be a never-ending choice of tools to supplement your hardware needs. Thanks to the ATAMA eCommerce team, we can provide a plethora of accessory tool options for your Business.  


Organisational structures such as departments and teams, each with their objectives and capabilities.  ATAMA is organised in a way to support the most important people, our customers – meaning our team cover solutions, commercial, marketing, Tech support, customer care and shipping with minimal fuss.


Business capabilities, such as the ability to recruit talent and issue invoices. Every Business needs a strong HR and Accounting team or person – ATAMA is no different with a supporting team making sure we tick over 24 hours a day.  


Software that automates work. With a multitude of software tools and services available in the modern business market, ATAMA has a group of software specialists on hand to walk you through this potentially hazardous process.  


Relationships with stakeholders such as investors, partners, customers, employees, regulators and communities.  At ATAMA, we partner with some of the most prominent vendors in the world to supply our customers the best in product and services.  Partners include Apple, Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Adobe and Jamf.  

Products & Services 

The value that a firm offers to customers.  The real soul of the ATAMA family, the products and services we offer are helping solve long tail problems with well thought out solutions.  

Customer Experience 

The experience that a firm offers to customers. Your customers mean everything to the success of your Business. Treat and respect them well and what your Business grow.  Learn how ATAMA can help today 

What does your Business need to get started?  See how ATAMA can help be talking to one of your dedicated consultants today.

Brad Chuck

Brad Chuck is the Head of Marketing, PR and Press at the Academia Group of companies, incorporating our brands with ATAMA, Academia for Education, Charterhouse Muller, ReviveIT and our eCommerce stores. Blogs, Reviews, Content Pieces and Press Releases are written with the express agreement of the vendor or client involved. Brad is a member of the NUJ and has been an active content producer for brands and services across multiple markets in a 20 year career.Email Brad on info@atama.co.uk or tweet brad at @BradChuck