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Absolutely rockin’ internet to accelerate your business


Future-proof your business with one of our super-fast, super-secure and Cloud-ready internet packages. Excellent price, excellent service and a whole load of free stuff with each package – who wouldn’t want that?

Where’s my free stuff?

We don’t believe in additional, complicated charges… that’s just not cool. So instead, all of our packages are a single price for the line, but you get all you need to make it work at no additional charge. Pretty neat, right?

Here’s what you get:

Free Juniper Firewall

Free Monitoring

Free Support

Free Installation

Free multi-site connectivity (if you want it!)

We actually care – no jokes!

We’re not just trying to sell you “some internet” – when we’re talking to you about what the best type of connection is for you, we’ll ask about your business needs; what you do, how you do it and where you’re going over the next few years. That last bit is important, as we definitely don’t want you to be tied to a contract that will hold you back!

Ultra-connected, Peering with some of the world’s largest service providers

…but what does Peering mean, we hear you ask? Peering allows us to connect our network directly to other service providers’ networks – this means super low latency, and an effectively private connection straight to their service. We do the work here, so you get the benefit.


Here’s a pretty diagram to explain it…

So what are you waiting for?

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