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So you have Apple devices in your estate, and they’re running wild. You’ve identified the need to manage them, but to paraphrase the most quoted phrase on the internet; you need a very particular set of skills, acquired over a long career to turn the nightmare into a compliant, automated, user-friendly environment.

We have those skills, we have that career – so read on to find out some of the many ways in which we can help.

What are the options?


As one of the leading Jamf integrators in the country (and using our own trained and accredited in-house engineers), we can officially provide you with the mandatory JumpStart service as part of your new Jamf purchase.

Installation Assistance

While a JumpStart is great, sometimes you need a bit more of a helping hand to set everything up and get you going. We do this! Either remotely, attended on-site or combination of the two - your choice!

Private Cloud Hosting

Pretty much does what it says on the tin – if you’d rather have your Jamf instance in our secure, self-operated Private Cloud (all hosted in UK Datacenters) than in the Public Cloud, look no further!

Health Check

Already have Jamf, but the install is a bit long in the tooth and needs a tune-up? Our engineers will go through a methodical health check to let you know where your install stands, and what to do to get the most out of it.

Ongoing Support

So you have Jamf, and you’ve been JumpStarted… now what? Our Jamf Support contracts are tailored to your needs to make sure we’re always at hand when you need help, or even if you just fancy a nerdy chat about an idea (an idea involving Jamf of course… although our engineers will also happily talk about Star Wars or Game of Thrones too).

Fully Managed Service

If you’ve identified the need for Mobile Device Management (good job, right move!) but don’t want or have the resource to maintain or support it ongoing, we’ll do absolutely everything for you. Well, we won’t do your washing up, but we will manage your Apple infrastructure end to end!

Some things that many people find boring, but we find super interesting…

Compliance, Security, Productivity, User experience, Success & Happiness…


The above are things that should be kept in mind when creating a working environment but are often forgotten because technical things get in the way. At some point the cost to manage the solution gets attention and often there is an attempt to address the challenges with more tech. Our approach is to start with the user’s needs and work backwards to the right technology to make everything work.


If you are searching through the internet for device management solutions, it’s likely from a compliance perspective. GDPR did a great job of focussing minds but we have met with organisations that have been “creative” with Cyber Essentials. This will get you the certificate but does not address the real issue. A solution that ticks boxes is great, but organisations need the means to enforce and protect beyond prescribed process.Which leads nicely on to…



Let’s not beat around the bush, this is about protecting data and preventing the means to disrupt core activity. An organisation needs to know who has access to what and what with. Each of the Industry leading ecosystems (Apple, Google & Microsoft) provide the means to control user access and track usage. We often see organisations investing in Intrusion prevention or firewall methodology, but the headlines are made with examples of compromising users i.e. Phishing or unattended devices. To which an immediate reaction is to lock down devices, but that can hamper…



Users need to do the job they are paid for. Time spent resolving a reason why they can’t do their job from a technical perspective generates cost three times; Time not spent doing the job, time spent by the user resolving the issue and the support teams time spent on the resolution. By focussing on what the user needs to do and applying robust technology to support this, productivity is not compromised. Some ecosystems such as Apple have built in security, such as encryption, that happens without the user knowing so they can get on with work. And with less restrictions and hindrances, the user is able to do a better job. So…


User Experience

We often see that two groups really care about this. At one end we have the CTO, CIO or HR, and at the other end the device using workforce. The team in the middle are normally focussed on SLA, compliance or ticket management and whereas all these things have an effect on experience, delivering a positive experience is not necessarily the goal. We create solutions that are user experience focussed as this approach tends to lead to…


Our support program is based around understanding what success looks like for our customers. We have the technology, but this is only applied to deliver a positive outcome. Success at user level will back up through the chain so that IT Management and director level will all benefit. This will then generate…



Did you just laugh? Good. Everybody makes decisions based on how they feel so, if everyone who touches the technology you supply is happy, then the organisation is going to benefit from that. Reducing stress by empowering users to be creative and successful makes for an easier life for everyone. Organisations that have a solution that supports this and still manages to deliver on the security and compliance will retain staff and reduce time off due to sickness.

Support Comparison

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