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Acronis Backup


he most reliable and easy-to-use backup for businesses of all sizes

Acronis Backup


he most reliable and easy-to-use backup for businesses of all sizes

Protecting a business’s most valuable asset doesn’t need to be difficult  

Lost data leads to lost revenue and downtime, often results in customer dissatisfaction, regulatory fines and additional expenses to get running again. That’s why businesses depend on the availability and security of all data. Uptime demands put IT pros under tremendous pressure to protect every piece of growing data, without impacting production systems. They must keep the company running 24-hours a day in order to meet SLAs. They need a fast, scalable, data protection infrastructure that doesn’t consume their limited budgets.


Seconds to get back to work


One solution for any workload


Instant protection with 3 clicks


Acronis backup helps it keep your business running 

Keep your business running in any disaster by proactively preventing downtime or immediately, reliably, restoring any piece of data. Keep growing, do more, spend less. Get unlimited scalability, protect any future workload, and leverage any storage and/or cloud. You can keep your costs low and productivity high.

Full availability, no downtime

Back to work in seconds


• Prevent ransomware attacks
• Recover VMs before anyone realizes there was a problem
• Restore servers or PCs to bare metal or dissimilar hardware

Complete protection, now and forever

21 platforms protected


• Secure clouds, hypervisors, apps and mobile devices
• Protect your business no matter what technology you onboard
• Scale storage and operations easily as data grows.

Fast backup, non-stop business

Near-zero impact on production systems


• Meet the toughest backup windows
• Save computer and networking capacity with deduplication and off-host operations
• Deploy backups in just three clicks for instant protection

Spend less, best ROI and TOC

Up to 40 percent savings vs. traditional backup


• Avoid upfront costs and switch from legacy solutions easily
• Save up to 10 times on the storage space with deduplication techniques
• Retain 20 percent of work hours with simplified, automated administration

Full availability, no downtime 


Ensure business continuity by recovering from disaster in seconds or proactively avoiding downtime

Acronis Active Protection

Secure all data (e.g. documents, media files, programs, and Acronis backup files) from ransomware attacks. This unique, proactive technology prevents system unavailability caused by 99.99 percent of ransomware. Any files impacted by an attack are automatically restored.

Acronis Instant Restore

Reduce recovery times with best-inindustry RTOs by immediately starting your backup as a Windows or Linux virtual machine directly from storage. Have your VM up and running in mere seconds, while Acronis Instant Restore technology invisibly moves your data to the host in the background.

Automated, remote and bare-metal recovery

Accelerate your recovery up to 2 times with a complete system image that’s ready for reinstallation, and smart technology that automatically detects boot requirements. Restoring a full system on a computer with an empty “bare-metal” disk drive is now a snap.

Acronis Universal Restore

Restore an entire system to new, dissimilar hardware with a few clicks. By overcoming compatibility issues, this technology ensures quick, easy system migration between physical and virtual platforms. You’ll be up and running on a new machine in minutes.

Granular recovery

Search for specific documents, emails, and the like, and restore the lost data without having having to recover full databases or systems. This technology ensures quick, incremental restoration of needed data, reducing costly recovery times.


Recover after a failure up to 100 times faster with minimum network impact. This technology tracks and saves only changed blocks of information in the backup to significantly reduce the recovery time of virtual machines

Complete business protection


Keep every bit of your data protected no matter what technology you onboard or the amount of data you generate.

Data protection across 21 platforms

Every system – physical, virtual or cloud – and all workloads are consolidated to safeguard data across all platforms. Any new application is integrated seamlessly into your existing environment, delivering continuous and ultimate data protection

Mobile and remote data protection

Secure the data of remote and field employees by protecting any user and any device from anywhere. Acronis mobile and remote data protection supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Scalability with deduplication

Deduplication provides room to grow. No matter the amount of data you have, even with limited infrastructure and tough storage requirements, you can scale and protect growing volumes of data. Extend the data source by adopting the same storage space.

Multi-level administration

Multiple admin roles ensure uninterrupted surveillance of all data sites such as remote offices, branch offices, and departments with the ability to manage your backups 24/7 should data volume grow.

Flexible storage

Balance the value of data, infrastructure and any regulatory requirements with flexible storage options. Grow with ease using the storage that fits your needs: NAS, SAN, tapes, disks, Acronis Cloud, or any private or public cloud, such as Azure, AWS, or Google.

Acronis Storage

Pair with our software-defined Acronis Storage solution for unparalleled flexibility and reliability with commodity hardware. Our solution unites file, block, and object-based storage in a single, scale-out storage solution to cover all use-cases and scenarios.

Fast back-up, non-stop business


Run backups as often as you need, with no impact on overall performance. Improve your RPO and save money in case of disaster

Offload VMware VM snapshots

Revert any amount of data to a specific point in time quickly, restoring prior functionality. Enhance hypervisor resource utilization by offloading VMware VM snapshots to NetApp SAN storage

Off-host operations

Meet tight backup windows, maintain business productivity, and reduce machine load by moving validation, retention, and replication to another system.

Disk-image backups

Safeguard your entire business by easily, reliably and frequently backing up the entire system as a single file, ensuring a bare metal restore capability. In the event of a data disaster, you can swiftly restore all information to new hardware.

Variable block-size deduplication

Protect more systems while reducing the impact on disk-storage and network capacity by capturing only the blocks with the changed data since the previous backup.

Reduced network consumption

Make your backup process faster and more efficient with high-performance inline deduplication. The compression of data speeds up disk operations and network transfers.

Best ROI and TCO


Keep investments low, striking the balance between the value of data, recovery speeds, protection costs, and resources optimization.

Flexible deployment

Save money on infrastructure by leveraging on-premises or cloud deployment models for management servers. Address growing needs or prepare for future alteration with hosted deployment, scaling immediately with no capital investments.

Simple licensing

Eliminate a significant capital expense and avoid hidden costs with subscription licensing. Flexible licensing options make it easy to switch from your legacy solution with minimal upfront costs and the ability to scale your full infrastructure.

Storage optimization

Save costs and optimize network bandwidth, reducing your total storage requirements. Acronis Backup uses high-performance deduplication technologies that result in improved storage utilization and assets management.

Affordable protection

Manage the speed of recovery for all valuable data, keeping the costs for the protection low. Choose the storage that addresses your needs with the variety of supported options – from tape drives to fast, hot storage

Smart resources management

Free up resources while improving your ability to restore data and manage backup. Acronis Backup’s intuitive, webbased management console provides full insights on infrastructure utilization and allows IT generalists to perform backup tasks with minimal involvement.

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We’re here

Our door is always open for a good cup of coffee.

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Let’s talk

How can we help you create a better business?

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